Where we believe that flowers are food for the soul and life is good, when we take care of the Earth and each other.

Rosie’s Garden                                                                                     May2014Chicks 014

162 High Road (Rt. 1A), Newbury, MA tel: 978-462-0723


We garden organically at Rosie’s Garden and have done so for years.  We use lots of compost, composted manure and natural fertilizers.  We have been “No Till” for about 5 years, trying to build up the soil structure.  We have bees, so we use no pesticides.  We use no herbicides.  We do not grow any GMO crops.  Whenever possible, we buy organic seeds.

Duck Eggs & Chicken Eggs ~  

We are selling Duck Eggs and Chicken eggs all year round – birds willing.  They are fed USDA organic feed – No GMOs!  We use no antibiotics or hormones with the birds and we give them an organic Omega-3 fatty acid supplement, so the eggs are really good for you.  The birds are not caged and they forage about in the good weather.

Flowers ~

From the middle of May until the middle of October, I have freshly cut flowers available every day from the gardens.  I will make up a bunch of flowers of your choice to take home for the amount you want to spend.  I also offer two levels of Cut Flower Bouquet CSA at $18 and $30 per week for 20 – 22 weeks.  These flowers come in a vase which you bring back when you pick up the next bouquet.  This keeps the bouquet price down and your closets free of extra vases.  Most of my flowers last for at least a week up to three weeks – if you keep the water fresh and the vase clean.

Vegetables & Greens ~ Herbs & Fruit

From May until November, usually about 26 weeks, I offer Vegetable & Greens CSA shares (Community Supported Agriculture.)   The shares consist of whatever is growing in the season in my gardens and hoop houses.  I don’t have tomatoes in May like a supermarket, for example.  I also include herb bundles and whatever fruit is plentiful during the season.  This year the smaller share will be $15 and the larger share $25 per week.

A Note about the Shares:

Most weeks, you will bring home more food than your dollars will buy at a market or health food store and I will know that my produce is sold for the season which keeps my marketing dollars and time to a minimum.

If you have a flower CSA, your bouquets will be worth more than you would pay a florist or even bunches from a market, and the flowers will last a lot longer.  You might get fairly common flowers one week and the next week something more exotic.  Your friends will wonder where you got them!

Honey ~

We may have honey for sale in the fall if our bees are productive again this year.

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